The After Disaster Broadcast

Main Cast


Caitlin Robb

Outro Lady

Caitlin’s previous stage credits include producing ensemble member for No Judgement and has loved every minute of her comedy partnership with JJ. Caitlin has terrible eyesight and gets weepy and/or angry when she’s hungry but is otherwise a pleasant human. She’d like to thank her family and friends for their love and support. @Caitlinoffstage

Firas Alexander

Park Ranger Dave

Firas is an improviser, producer, writer, and astrological Leo based in Chicago, Illinois. He is the producer of Behind the Improv at The Crowd Theater and the long running Phantom Pilots at the playground. He loves comic books and animals. He doesn’t believe in magic or aliens, but he does believe in the power of love (the song from Back to the Future, not the concept).



Bonnie Fan

Jee-Hyun Jang

Bonnie Fan works for the CTA, with a particular love for rail. On Monday nights she is a citizen coder for journalism. She also makes comics and zines on themes of transit, blood and fantasy. Currently she is in recovery from a martial arts injury but hopes to continue choking people as soon as possible.

Cigi Farmer


Bio pending


Pearl Paramadilok

The Artist

Pearl an actor/improviser who last performed in The Second City's e.t.c.'s 41st Revue and starred in a Com Ed commercial. Come see her next in Phantom Pilots, Tuesdays at 8pm at the Playground Theater.

Featured Guests


Wesley Whitaker

Voice of the Emergency Broadcast, Season 1, ep. 1


Jared Sanders

Season 1, Ep. 19


Alex Kane

Season 1, ep. 7


Andrew Leamon

Season 1, ep. 11