J.J. Ranvier

Creator, voice of Jo Prendergast

After dogs and cheese fries, J.J.'s first loves are performing and writing. While she has been acting since elementary school, she didn't find her love of play writing until she won a short play contest when she was 17 (she should probably stop bragging about it). She originally went to Alfred University for theatre and psychology but learned that she wanted to do comedy when she joined Friday Night Live. She now lives in Chicago where she listens to the podcasts she didn't make on her commute and performs with Caitlin Robb in Six Degrees of Sexperation. She can typically be found at a coffee shop or a bar, wearing these headphones so she doesn't lose them. @SaintofSnark


Colin Votier

Technical Engineer

He's trying.


Rory Strahan-Mauk

Audio Editor

A native of San Jose, CA, which stands for California, Rory is a Big Baller in the field of audio engineering. He has experience working sound at SF Sketchfest, a Deloitte business meeting, and a show in his backyard hosted by his extremely handsome and normal roommate. Rory also loves to do crimes.


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